FREE SHIPPING within NZ for orders over $50

FREE SHIPPING within NZ for orders over $50

Prescriptions (Rx)- NZ Only

At UNICHEM Northcote, we have a dedicated, well trained and very experienced team to help make things simple for you. 

Our Pharmacy offers efficient and professional  prescription dispensing  .  The pharmacy is licenced with the NZ Ministry of Health and  contracts with the Waitemate District Health  Board ( DHB) to provide prescription services to or customers . We also offer a wide range of services from delivery to medico trays and  Long Term Condition services (LTC) for patients on complex medicine regimes or who need extra help with their medicines .

Note: Legislation prohibits New Zealand pharmacies from supplying prescription medicines offshore or prescriptions written by a non NZ registered doctor/practitioner.

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Prescription Charges Overview

Have you ever wondered why you have to pay so much for your prescription and why the charges seem to differ when you get your prescription from your family doctor, dentist , midwife or specialist?  Well, let us try to make things clearer and less complicated.  A Prescription written by a prescriber  that is not enrolled with a PHO ( primary healthcare organisation) will be more expensive , around $15 per item -  these prescribers are usually Private Specialists not in Hospitals , Dentists , some Midwives , Doctors at Accident or After hours Clinics  -  the prescription code is known as  A3  .  If the prescriber does belong to a PHO the code is known as A4  .  These codes should be written on the prescription by your Doctor in order to let the Pharmacist know how much to charge . 

Non funded Medicines

These are medicines that are not subsidised by the government meaning you will have to pay full charges for them. Example of non-subsidised medicines are , Arcoxia, Xenical and Propecia.

Medicines funded by the New Zealand health system

There are several important points regarding prescription charges:

 Patient's subsidy entitlements                             Prescription charge
 Not a PHO enrolee or No Card


   Child 6-17 $10 
   Child under 6  $0
   Contraceptives $5 
 PHO enrolee or Care Plus patient  No other card  $5
 Community services card (CSC)  No other card  $5
 High Use Health Card (HUHC)  No other card


 Prescription subsidy card  No other card or non PHO   $2
 for families(inc children still at school) after first 20 prescriptions since previous February. (Except prescriptions with $0 charges)  with HUHC   only $2 
   With CSC $0 
 Prescription Subsidy card   PHO  X4  code  Low cost PHO $0

PART CHARGESYou may also be charged extra on top of the govt prescription charge if the govt  only partially subsidises a particular medicine .  This  may be  because your Doctor has prescribed a  particular  brand that is more expensive than another available brand ( generic ) . This charge  can change  monthly so your receipt can be different at different  times .

EXTRA PHARMACY SERVICE CHARGES :  You may also be charged extra for services or interventions that the govt does not re-imburse Pharmacist's for .( NON SUBSIDISED SERVICES)  These charges include faxed & telephone scripts administration , special packaging , extra bottles , delivery , obtaining community service card numbers , obtaining special authority numbers , photocopying scripts , sending scripts back to  Doctors for legality of a script  ,  postage , intervention of complex scripts .

A list of these Pharmacy Service charges and prices is displayed at the Unichem Northcote inside the Pharmacy Dispensary areas .  Pharmacists are happy to discuss any of these charges and help you avoid charges if possible now or in the future

Special Authority Applications

Special Authority is an application process in which a prescriber requests government subsidy on a Pharmaceutical or a particular person.

Once approved, the prescriber and the patient are provided a special authority number which must appear on the prescription.

Specialists who make an application must communicate the valid authority number to the prescriber who will be wiriting the prescriptions.

The authority number can provide access to subsidy, or waive certain restrictions  otherwise present. Example of medicines- arimidex, arava, ensure plus drinks etc.

The number is only valid for 2 years  and must be re-applied for by your Doctor .

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